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The Blood Type Link to Diet, Food

Allergies & Disease

by Laura Power, PhD, LDN

Expected book publication date = late 2015.

This book chronicles the evolution of humans from the

first prototypes (genetic Adam & Eve) to the modern

biotypes, and how each biotype adapted to certain

ecosystems to eat specific diets based on blood types

ABO, A1 & A2, and Rh-neg.  It describes in detail the 5

kinds of food allergies and how they relate to

inflammatory diseases.  And it presents Dr. Power's 25

years of research statistically correlating blood types to

3 kinds of food allergies, plus lectins, supported by her

U.S. patent (# 7,601,509), her peer-reviewed journal

article, and her Registered Trademark.

To find out more see:

To read journal article:  Biotype Diets System®



Optimal Health & Anti-Aging for Your

Genetic Type

by Laura Power, PhD, LDN

& Dario Nardi, PhD

Expected publication date = Late 2017.

This book chronicles human biotypes from a different

perspective.  It presents basic scientific research on how

hormones are altered by environmental factors, thus

enabling early humans to adapt to certain ecosystems.  It

then presents research on how hormones affect: body

shape, metabolism, toxemia, and behavior.  These are

used to define the "biotypes" and make

recommendations for optimal health.  The "biotypes"

were developed using anthropometric measurements

derived from 20 years of research by Laura Power, PhD

and Richard Power, PhD.

To find out more see: