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Dr. Power's Masters Degree is in nutritional biochemistry, and she is licensed to practice Medical

Nutrition Therapy.  She has trained with the Autism Research Institute (the DAN! group) since

2004, and has attended 3 of their major conferences, and received special training in biomedical

and nutritional testing and therapies for developmental delays.  She keeps up-to-date with

continuing education in developmental delays.  To date she has evaluated and treated over

2000 children with developmental delays, most with vastly improved outcomes.  She is

licensed in Maryland to write Rx custom nutrient compounds (essential for small children).  And

her clinic location in Virginia allows her laboratory rights.  She has 21 years experience in

developmental disorders, and is one of only three nutritionists in the Washington DC area with

such credentials and experience.  She has a broad spectrum of clinical experience, including all

the developmental delays.  She has also lectured and written about developmental delays.  See


INSURANCE:  For insurance coverage of nutritional services for autism and

ADHD see "Insurance."



Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD): are neuro-inflammatory disorders, induced by

interactions of environmental toxins with genetic defects (epigenetics).  This blocks metabolism

of key nutrients for nerve development and function, leading to brain malnutrition.  It blocks

nutrients for liver detoxification, leading to inflammation of the gut, brain and nervous system.

It leads to mitochondrial damage (tiny batteries in cells that make energy) affecting metabolism

and causing inflammation.  Finally, it leads to stress, which imbalances the neurotransmitters

and hormones.  This model is supported by genetic, biochemical, environmental and nutritional

research, and brain autopsies, as shown in over 350 scientific articles.  Genetic defects can

include defects in: vitamin metabolism, mineral transport, amino acid metabolism, liver

detoxification, mitochondrial function, digestive function, seizures, and imbalances of the

immune system, hormones and neurotransmitters.  Environmental factors include: vaccines,

heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, gut infections, chemical sensitivities, food and

aero allergies, and opioid peptides in foods.  ADHD: ADHD involves mineral imbalances, heavy

metals, and neurotransmitter imbalances.


Related To Food, Nutrients and the Environment.

DIET PROBLEMS:  Food allergies: immediate (IgE) and delayed (IgG).  Opioid peptides in

foods (dairy, gluten, soy), Feingold factors (additives, dyes, preservatives), and taste and texture


ENVIRONMENTAL TOXINS: Poor Phase 1 & Phase 2 liver detoxification of external toxins,

made worse by 85,000 manmade chemicals in our environment, especially pesticides and


FATTY ACID IMBALANCES:  An imbalanced ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty

acids can adversely affect brain development or cause neuropathies.

GENETIC MUTATIONS: Mutations are common in vitamin B12 and folic acid metabolism,

affecting nerves and methylation pathways in ASD.  Other mutations can be present as well.

HEAVY METALS: In vaccines, drugs, seafood, machinery, electronic devices, batteries, outdoor

pressure-treated wood and older pesticides.  They damage the nervous system and brain.

HORMONE IMBALANCES: Nutrient deficiencies can be involved in thyroid, adrenal, or pancreas


MALDIGESTION: Poor gut bacteria.  Deficiencies of digestive factors: enzymes, bile, stomach

acid. Infections of virus, bacteria, yeast, or parasites.  Diarrhea or constipation, gas and bloating.

MINERAL DEFICIENCIES:  Major minerals control bone and muscle growth.  Trace minerals

help control blood sugar, seizures, mood swings, hormones, neurotransmitters, metabolism, etc.

MITOCHONDRIAL DAMAGE: These tiny cellular organelles make energy (ATP).  Research

shows Mitochondrial damage in autistic children (JAMA, Oct 2010).  Mitochondria can be

damaged by infections, toxins and allergens, causing inflammation in the heart, muscles and


NEUROTRANSMITTER IMBALANCES: Neurotransmitters control brain functions. NT can be

excitatory or inhibitory, and are often imbalanced.  Most NT are made from amino acids.

VITAMIN METABOLISM DEFECTS: Many boys with ASD have defects in vitamin B12

conversion to the active form.  Many people of European and Hispanic decent have defects in

folic acid metabolism.  In addition, many other vitamins can be deficient.


With CLIA Certified Laboratories


•  Health history & symptom questionnaire, Autism Questionnaire.

•  Clinical exam and observation.


Many common tests can be performed at Lab Corp and Quest Diagnostics.  Other tests must be

performed at specialty labs.  All labs are CLIA certified, and most are covered by PPO insurance

plans, Medicare and Tricare Standard.  These include lab tests for vitamins, minerals, fatty acids,

amino acids, food allergies, heavy metals, and stool analysis.


DETOXIFICATION:  Detoxification for heavy metals with safe and gentle herbals.  Rebalancing

pH and poor antioxidant status caused by inflammation.

DIET MODIFICATION:  Optimal diets based on digestion, food allergies, opioid peptides,

Feingold factors (additives, dyes, preservatives), and ethnic background.

DIGESTIVE REPAIR:  Using probiotics, enzymes, nutrients, and bioflavanoid anti-


EDUCATION:  Information sources provided on vaccine books, heavy metals, diet substitutions,

food sources, and menus.

NEUTRACEUTICALS: Professional supplements are preferred, as they contain pre-metabolized

vitamins, organically bound minerals, are hypoallergenic, and third-party verified for ingredients.

Rx CUSTOM COMPOUNDS:  Custom Rx nutrient compounds in liquids, capsules, or powders.

These are made with neutraceuticals, and filled at licensed compounding pharmacies.

PROGNOSIS:  Initial improvements are usually seen in three to four weeks.  Steady

improvement occurs over time with small program revisions.  In most cases there are vastly

improved outcomes.



Has collected over 350 scientific papers on Autism.  Click for website.


Summary of Dietary, Nutritional, and Medical Treatments for Autism -- based on over 150

published research studies.

James B. Adams, PhD, Arizona State University, Director of the Autism / Aspergers Research



Effect of a vitamin/mineral supplement on children and adults with autism

Adams et al. BMC Pediatrics 2011, 11:111


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